Social Security awards disability benefits if your physical or mental problem (or combination of problems) is severe enough to keep you from working at any regular job for at least 12 months in the past or expected to last for 12 months into the future. Even if you cannot go back to your old job, you must meet the social security’s qualifications for disability. This means you must be unable to perform any job (including, for instance, a job easier than your old job).

Most people know if they are unable to work. However, Social Security has a lot of qualifications for SSI and SSDI that they consider. Your age, education, past work, and your medical condition are used to determine whether you qualify for Social Security disability benefits.

When you are applying for disability and your case is being evaluated, you need to provide medical records showing your condition and why you cannot work.


We think so. Since there is no fee unless you win, it doesn’t hurt to give us a call to at least talk about your options. By narrowing our focus we have become knowledgeable about Social Security’s standards for judging disability. By constantly bringing cases to the Social Security Judges in Charleston, Columbia, and throughout the entire state of South Carolina we have come to know the specific practices in those courts. Our statewide practice will be able to assist you no matter where you live in this state.

Statistics show those who apply for SSI or SSDI and are represented by an attorney are more likely to succeed. Call us at (843) 763-1300 or fill out a contact form and we will call you. We will answer your questions, and ask you some questions to see if we can help you with your Social Security disability claim. Remember, there is no fee unless you win.


No. Social Security often denies claims based on partial information about your medical conditions. We can help you by calling Social Security to check SSDI claim status and check SSI claim status. We can help you by gathering your medical records and presenting them to Social Security promptly. They are judging you, so you will want a team of social security lawyers and staff helping you. When you hire us to present your case, we are advocating for you. We will work hard to win your case. The earlier we start working on your case the better. Don’t wait to call us at (843) 763-1300 or complete this contact form.